Shôn Ellerton, September 20, 2021
What would you say if you had the choice of permanently killing off the Internet?

Back in 1951, one of my favourite science fiction movies was created: The Day the Earth Stood Still. (not the awful 2008 remake)

It features an unexpected visit by a ‘traditional silver disk-like’ UFO that descends and lands quietly on the lawns of a public park in Washington D.C. The UFO sits there for some time arousing excitement from the locals and, naturally, after being spotted and with very little time, the police and military are brought in to surround…

Dying Confederate solider in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Shôn Ellerton, September 17, 2021
A striking moment in film cinema showing compassion in the worst of situations

If there was a movie ever made that portrayed unlikely companions during one of the most terrible moments in American history, the Civil War, it would have to be Sergio Leone’s 1966 classic, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Avarice, injustice, malice and revenge, are key features in the film but so is tolerance, compassion and empathy.

I was first introduced to this amazing film at a young age when a friend of my mother’s came around with it on a…

Shôn Ellerton, September 3, 2021
Biden and Trump have a friendly chat at the grocery shop.

Biden and Trump just so happen to bump into each other at the local grocery shop.

TRUMP: Hey! Joe! Over here!

BIDEN: Hey man, what’s up? Jill decided I needed to get a little exercise, so I’m doing this week’s groceries. I’m surprised to see you here. You don’t seem the kind to do his own groceries.

TRUMP: Now just wait a minute. I know I’ve done a lot of tremendous things in my time, but I like to get out now and again…

Me attempting to eat a giant mushroom in Tasmania

Shôn Ellerton, September 1, 2021
Mushrooms! Love ’em or hate ‘em.

What am I thinking? A whole article about mushrooms? Well, let me begin because this is my little story on mushrooms.

Have you ever wondered just how weird the concept of eating mushrooms is? My sister will tell you that mushrooms represents the root of evil incarnate as being basically disgusting, funky-smelly and slimy fungi (which it is) growing up out of dead things. They love to grow in the dark and the damp and basically smell of death and decay. …

Shôn Ellerton, August 30, 2021
If you can solve this question, you may be a genius!

Wow! Check this out! Guess what I found in my Facebook feed? Yes, it’s a really difficult question this time. Oh, my goodness. Can I do it? Is it possible? Wait…. Here’s the question. Now don’t be shocked and taken aback when you get the question, but here it is. Here is that question now… It’s coming up….just a minute… So. What is the answer to this? 5+5+5x0? Yikes! What a corker of a question because, obviously, it must be hard because it’s posted…

Shôn Ellerton, August 26, 2021
Masks have their place in the right environment, but honestly, what I observe with general mask-wearing is kind of gross and absurd.

I sit here, in a fast food joint called Hungry Jacks in metropolitan Adelaide. Sitting next to me is my young son who’s enjoyed opening up a little plastic toy as part of his Happy Meal. Millions of Australia citizens are under lockdown but here in South Australia, we are free to roam. At least for the time being.

Not far from me, I watch with interest and a tinge of disgust when…

Shôn Ellerton, August 2, 2021
Given the same raw data, it is often very easy to spin entirely different stories. And that’s without telling one single lie!

Ever come across those official government results of annual crash fatalities, lives lost due to drink driving, percentage of ethnic minorities incarcerated, or how many lives were lost due to a new disease? Of course, most of us have at one point or another, but how much credence should we place on them?

I am wary of statistical reports showing year-upon-year changes without access to the raw data that supports it. And even…

Shôn Ellerton, July 28, 2021
The most embarrassing incident report I ever had to complete thanks to a papercut I got while mishandling a set of minutes.

I found an old gem of an email from 2009 I sent to myself containing a scanned incident report I had to complete when I got a papercut. Naturally, being a little sceptical and cynical at times, my answers to the questions in the form reek of sarcasm but, even now, not being quite such the rebel as I was, I’m thinking of how crazy and absurd this was.

Before I start, and…

Courtesy of the Museum of Freemasonry

Shôn Ellerton, July 12, 2021
How and why did I join Freemasonry? What it means to me. Some of the questions I get about it. And whether it’s a good time to join.

For many, Freemasonry represents an institution of secret handshakes, odd-looking aprons, and ancient ritual with archaic language. Many also note, with fascination, Freemasonry’s peculiar emphasis with geometry and symbolism, made popular (or infamous in some cases) by fiction-writer bestsellers, Dan Brown, or box movie hits like National Treasure starring Nicholas Cage. Others view Freemasonry, nonsensically, as an evil cult whose members slake the blood of goats obsessed…

Shôn Ellerton, July 5, 2021
A personal take on the chaos of the United States’ recent spate of voting bills and acts.

I love reading about crazy cults, and there’s one which I found totally and utterly bizarre, but seemingly harmless. It is a cult by the name of Raëlism. Basically, it’s one of those UFO religions, this being one, where an alien comes down to meet a crazy Frenchman in a UFO during the 1970s and tells him lots of weird stuff. …

Shon Ellerton

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