Shôn Ellerton, July 28, 2021
The most embarrassing incident report I ever had to complete thanks to a papercut I got while mishandling a set of minutes.

I found an old gem of an email from 2009 I sent to myself containing a scanned incident report I had to complete when I got a papercut. Naturally, being a little sceptical and cynical at times, my answers to the questions in the form reek of sarcasm but, even now, not being quite such the rebel as I was, I’m thinking of how crazy and absurd this was.

Before I start, and…

Courtesy of the Museum of Freemasonry

Shôn Ellerton, July 12, 2021
How and why did I join Freemasonry? What it means to me. Some of the questions I get about it. And whether it’s a good time to join.

For many, Freemasonry represents an institution of secret handshakes, odd-looking aprons, and ancient ritual with archaic language. Many also note, with fascination, Freemasonry’s peculiar emphasis with geometry and symbolism, made popular (or infamous in some cases) by fiction-writer bestsellers, Dan Brown, or box movie hits like National Treasure starring Nicholas Cage. Others view Freemasonry, nonsensically, as an evil cult whose members slake the blood of goats obsessed…

Shôn Ellerton, July 5, 2021
A personal take on the chaos of the United States’ recent spate of voting bills and acts.

I love reading about crazy cults, and there’s one which I found totally and utterly bizarre, but seemingly harmless. It is a cult by the name of Raëlism. Basically, it’s one of those UFO religions, this being one, where an alien comes down to meet a crazy Frenchman in a UFO during the 1970s and tells him lots of weird stuff. …

Shôn Ellerton, June 21, 2021
Are you concerned what your children are being taught at school? Volunteering to take part in the school board is a good start.

Not long ago, I put my hand up to be part of my son’s school’s governing board in South Australia. A grand total of five vacant positions were up for grabs and, considering the importance of educating our children, I expressed an immediate interest. …

Shôn Ellerton, June 1, 2021
Does anyone else think Facebook has dried up into a barren wasteland of mediocrity and utter boredom?

Oh, my goodness! Hasn’t Facebook got dull, dull, dull and dull?

Well, here’s my latest rant!

At one time, a plethora of interesting conversations, many of which challenged the narrative of the day or held viewpoints which were often regarded as controversial, was commonplace. These days, seemingly, I hold the impression that many of us are genuinely afraid to express opinions anymore which might harbour one iota of controversy in fear of retribution or being ostracised. …

Shôn Ellerton, May 20, 2021
I can 99.99 percent guarantee that your data is never deleted on a commercial system!

A friend of mine recently recommended me to watch the British TV police drama series, Line of Duty, and, as a result got me helplessly hooked on it. It is thoroughly engaging no doubt; however, there was a major flaw which I picked up on almost immediately. There was a sequence showing one of the police officers deliberately deleting incriminating evidence from the police computer. Now, had this data was still available, the murder case in the first series could…

Picture above of Tim Scott’s eloquent and beautiful speech during April 2021.

Shôn Ellerton, May 18, 2021
The year of 2020 proved to be the testing ground of a re-insurgence of critical race theory. Is the fight still as strong in 2021 or have we become tired of it all.

Before we start, let me define antiracism in the logical and traditional sense. Wikipedia cites it as

the policy or practice of opposing racism and promoting racial tolerance’.

Personally, I do not find much in the way of fault of this definition and, moreover, I agree with it. I do not like racism. I have seen it in practice, and I have…

Shôn Ellerton, May 11, 2021
A genuine concern of how the increased trend to cocoon ourselves away from interacting with real people affects us and our children.

Whilst driving home the other day, I was listening to a report on the radio that there was a poll that took place in the UK in which a staggering one-third of participants would rather stay in lockdown rather than mingle with friends and family. There are, of course, many others who deny that the virus even exists, some of whom exhibit their views openly by making themselves heard either in protest or…

Shôn Ellerton, April 30, 2021
In our age of ultra-sensitivity and seemingly diminished tolerance, I revisit the issue of whether school uniforms are good or bad.

Back in 2019, I wrote an article entitled, Are School Uniforms Good or Bad, in which I formulated an opinion on the pros and cons of enforcing the use of school uniforms. The conclusion I arrived at was more biased towards not making it a requirement to wear school uniforms. My general thoughts were that the wearing of school uniforms stymied creativity, opposed individuality and for some, being an uncomfortable daily ordeal. …

Background photo taken from the classic 1964 movie, Dr Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Shôn Ellerton, April 13, 2021
Let’s have some fun and pretend what our browsers would be like if they behaved like real people!

Somewhere in ‘The Cloud’, there is a very special room. A room where all the browsers conduct their daily operations. It is quite a large room with a table big enough for all the browsers to sit together and generally argue with each other and to show off who’s best. Such would be life if we could envisage our browsers as real people.

Now, most of the browsers in the room don’t participate much at all and…

Shon Ellerton

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