Shôn Ellerton, April 30, 2021
In our age of ultra-sensitivity and seemingly diminished tolerance, I revisit the issue of whether school uniforms are good or bad.

Back in 2019, I wrote an article entitled, Are School Uniforms Good or Bad, in which I formulated an opinion on the pros and cons of enforcing the use of school uniforms. The conclusion I arrived at was more biased towards not making it a requirement to wear school uniforms. My general thoughts were that the wearing of school uniforms stymied creativity, opposed individuality and for some, being an uncomfortable daily ordeal. …

Background photo taken from the classic 1964 movie, Dr Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Shôn Ellerton, April 13, 2021
Let’s have some fun and pretend what our browsers would be like if they behaved like real people!

Somewhere in ‘The Cloud’, there is a very special room. A room where all the browsers conduct their daily operations. It is quite a large room with a table big enough for all the browsers to sit together and generally argue with each other and to show off who’s best. Such would be life if we could envisage our browsers as real people.

Now, most of the browsers in the room don’t participate much at all and…

Shôn Ellerton, April 9, 2021
Those who tend not to grumble are often portrayed as having good manners and decorum. But keep them well away from social media!

A couple of months ago, we had a helicopter circling around our relatively quiet suburb. It is not uncommon for helicopters to fly about in the area from time to time, but we had, what seemed to be, weeks and weeks of prolonged flying. Many of us in the neighbourhood thought it might be some sort of emergency, perhaps, looking for a missing person, or maybe updating aerial photographs of the suburb…

Shôn Ellerton, April 1, 2021
Buried deep in the heart of East End London, is perhaps one of the world’s most secret and unknown societies. Learn how I managed to infiltrate it.

In the east end of London, behind a secret door accessible only by entering Mile End Underground Station, there is a passageway that extends into the darkness. Once inside this passageway, one can make out the faint audible rumblings of the many trains overhead along with the continual pitter patter of drips from the cold iron-lined walls holding back ancient water-logged clays. …

Shôn Ellerton, March 25, 2021
Getting people to do things is hard enough, but it is so much easier to meet casually in person rather than sending out a sterile email.

At work, have you ever received an instruction by email to answer a series of questions around how your organisation works, or perhaps, what governance is put in place to make the workplace secure, or any kind of question which warrants a lengthy and complex response? I know I’ve had my share of them. I had one the other day from someone in a related organisation who sat in…

Photo I took in the ruins of Apollonia, Albania

Shôn Ellerton, March 19, 2021
Looking back in hindsight is one of life’s great teachers and for me, this is especially so with respect to how I conducted myself through my career.

The other day, I picked up on a curious but poignant passage in Ayn Rand’s book, The Fountainhead, when the lead character, architect Howard Roark, engages in a little philosophy with his buddy millionaire newspaper mogul, Gail Wynand, aboard his private yacht. He made the inference that the ‘second-hander’s’ delusion is the allure for prestige and a perpetual quest for seeking approval from others. …

Mirabella Pool, Boston (photo by NorthEndWaterfront)

Shôn Ellerton, March 9, 2021
I miss those days of the casual swimming pool just to splash around and dive in.

There’s nothing better, on a hot sweltering day, to stand at the edge of an outdoor swimming pool, blue and azure, with shimmering strands of sunlight reflecting off the smooth tiles, inviting you to submerge yourself into its cool depths. For me, it’s often not the intention of getting exercise by swimming, but just to flounder around in it. To be honest, I am not a particularly good swimmer and find the ritual of going back and forth along…

Beautiful Roger Dean artwork used extensively on so many album covers

Shôn Ellerton, February 2, 2021
Here is a list of 15 of some of my all-time favourite albums depicting a complete story or theme.

I was thinking the other day whilst rummaging through a box of very tatty-looking used LPs in the market stalls, what will happen to the ‘story-board’ LPs, those epics featuring gatefold and thick glossy beautifully put-together inserts printed with lyrics spinning a story or a narrative for the listener to follow to? What I was thinking of really is what could possibly replace them?

I look back to those halcyon days of re-discovering my parents’ collection…

Shôn Ellerton, January 26, 2021
Be the jury of what you hear and read. My analogy of being heavily diversified across many news sources to that of being a hi-fi aficionado.

I like music. Love listening to it, especially when sat down in my living room being thoroughly immersed as if listening to the performers live on stage. This, of course, needs a good stereo or hi-fi system and needs to be set at a volume roughly as it should be if one was there near the stage. Through the years, I have enjoyed exploring music away from the mainstream…

Shôn Ellerton, January 17, 2021
My thoughts and views of some of my favourite podcasters who have given so much to fill the void which mainstream media ignores.

Ever since I was a child, I had a fascination with books. I wanted my own library; one of those stale musty antiquated rooms with leather-bound furniture complete with a little spiral staircase to access tiers and tiers of books, most of which, I would never be able to read in a lifetime. …

Shon Ellerton

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